Why just editing
when we can
       (also) ANIMATE it?
Social Media Best Practices
Present the brand in the first 3 seconds - Branding (logo, product or character).
15s maximum, if we can make it less, better.
CTA: I recommend creating an interesting call to action, creating animation or using the movement of a scene that has someone pointing up or a movement that brings attention to the call-to-action.
Important: In the last frame, the user must have enough time to make a decision and understand the next steps (buy, follow, visit, etc).
My Vertical Demo Reel
Mobile Optimisation Work
Some work I've created for social media.
I've been in Facebook Sprints creating and adapting existent client's content in Australia, New Zealand and also though client's briefings in Brazil, creating focusing on social media engagement and Facebook's Best Practises.
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